martes, 31 de diciembre de 2019

How to buy my art. Formas de conseguir mi arte.

- Physical metal print at Displate - 39€
- Digital piece at Gumroad - 18€
- Become my patron at Patreon - 10$ per image
(1 or 2 images per month aprox.)

Displate is a magnet-mounted metal print. It’s durable, it’s steel. And you don’t need any power tools to hang it. Unlike any other home decor stores, our in-house production means we have control over the quality of every single product.
Say goodbye to paper posters and welcome our 21st century wall art canvas – unique art prints on metal. Play your walls, create your own collections and show what really drives you!

rublav at Displate!

By other side with every Displate sold they plant 10 trees in the places that need them most. Great!!

Buy some digital art at Gumroad

You also can become my Patron. I have a tier per image finished. I post the preview images from Displate, but you can access to the print quality in digital format for 10$:
2900x4060 or 4060x2900 pixels
I can post a maximum o four images in a month. But it's not the usual. One or two could be the normal amount of pieces per month.